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I am thrilled that you found your way to Allure By Tess, my fashion, styling, & lifestyle blog. If you’re a lover of all things lifestyle, then you’re going to love it here!

What To Expect

  • Fashion: This is what inspires me the most, day in and day out. You’ll find trends, styling tips and tricks, seasonal outfits, brand reviews, etc. here.
  • Luxury: Reviews and hauls on different luxury brand items I’ve purchased.
  • Beauty: My tried and true skincare routine, make-up reviews, and other beauty products I use.
  • Travel: Places I’ve been, vacations, and travel destination tips.
  • Inspiration: I will provide you with a non-influenced opinions based on my personal experiences in order to inspire you to try new things and feel great!

With all of the influencers and celebrities in the world, I want to be that friend that tells it to you like it is! You can always expect an unbiased opinion, quality tips and tricks, and lots of entertainement from my blog. Let me be your new virtual BFF that you always want to come to for all of your lifestyle questions, tips, and tricks!

Fashion and lifestyle blog, blogger, luxury,

A Few Things About Me

  • I was born and raised in the south of France, but I spent the majority of my life in the United States! Now, I am back home in France.
  • Previously, I worked in a Fortune 500 company for a number of years. Now, I proudly own Dressed By Tess, my personal shopping & styling company!
  • I own an adorable little black domestic short haired cat named Cas (any Supernatural fans?!), but he mainly gets called Little Man.
  • Fashion and luxury has always been a passion of mine. I actually discovered my love for Chanel in middle school while I lusted over my first pair of Louboutins on Pinterest at 13. Luxury is something that I’m a bit addicted to!
  • I LOVE coffee and like most French women, I also love my glass of wine!
  • I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I’m that gal that always has room for dessert. It’s not even a question to me.

Thank you for stopping by my fashion, styling, & lifestyle blog and be sure to check out my post about the must have pieces for a Fall Capsule Wardrobe!

XO, Tess



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