Review: Is the Gucci Belt Overrated?

You’ve seen them plague your Instagram feed. They’re all over Pinterest. You walk down a busy city street, and you’ll probably see at-least three… Minimum. If you dare go to a very fashionable city such as Cannes, Paris, or London, you’ll probably see them on every other woman at the grocery store. Don’t even get me started on nights out! You know what I’m talking about… The Gucci belt!

In 2016, Gucci released their Marmont collection. It really blew up in 2017 and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Those bold GG’s took the world by storm, to the point of where many people are absolutely sick of it! Of course, the medium sized black belt is the most popular option, but the House has sinced released many variations of the Gucci belt with different colors, prints, logo finishes, etc.

A Confession To Make…

I am the owner of a Gucci Marmont belt (insert dramatic gasping here). I did opt for the thinner belt and an antiqued brass hardware, because I wanted to be “less basic” and I just really didn’t want the giant, shiny, in your face logo. It just wasn’t the vibe I was looking for. The belt was actually my first luxury purchase that wasn’t a pair of shoes or a purse, so it does have a special place in my heart. Personally, I love it and I find it very fashionable. Yes, it’s basic, everyone and their mother has one, and it sort of lost its ‘exclusivity’ due to the amount of influencers and celebrities that wore it to death. And honestly? I don’t care!

Gucci Belt Marmont in black leather

Decisions, decisions

I did look at other belt options before I committed to the Marmont and again when I needed to buy a new belt due to losing weight (yay!). However, nothing really caught my eye. The Valentino belt is very in your face and I think it looks best as a waist belt which wasn’t what I was looking for at the time. Hermès also makes beautiful belts, but I couldn’t justify the price. I only own one item by Hermès and I’m not ready to expand my collection yet! There were other brands I considered, but those two were the main contenders. Plus, I love Gucci so it wasn’t a hard choice for me.

I then looked at Marmont belt reviews, blog posts, Instagram hashtags… And with the click of a button, I cracked and purchased it in a 90! I don’t regret it one bit. In my opinion, the smaller width looks a little better and it’s less flashy. I typically don’t see that size around, which is nice! Sadly, I only got about 8 months of wear out of it because I ended up losing weight, as I already mentioned. While that’s awesome, not being able to use your expensive luxury belt to hold up your now loose skinny jeans because it’s too big, isn’t…

Gucci belt in black
You can really see the width difference here!

Second Gucci Belt Purchase

So, here I am, looking for yet another luxury belt not even a year after my first purchase. I considered other brands like last time, but I ended up sticking with Gucci. The quality of the first belt is amazing, it still looks brand new after constant wear, and it looked SO good on Instagram. That belt is the reason I do a French Tuck on all of my applicable tops now. I just felt so boujee while wearing it. 😉 The thought of buying the same belt in a smaller size made me sad. I knew I had to try a different option. For a while, I considered the Marmont in the dusty pink, but it was eventually ruled. I wouldn’t be able to wear it with everything like I could a black one. I don’t have a large belt collection, so it didn’t make sense for my closet.

Then, I saw the perfect belt and it wasn’t from the Marmont collection! It was black with gold-toned (but it looks more silver I swear) hardware, and the logo was perfect! Not that I don’t enjoy a good logo flex here and there, but my style is typically more subtle and I feel like the interlocking GG’s aren’t as obvious. They do have a version where the leather of the belt is embossed with the GG’s all over if you’re looking for something with a little more flex. For this purchase, I ended up going to the Gucci boutique in Cannes. The experience there was fine. It wasn’t anything to really talk about, but I wasn’t mistreated, either. I left the boutique sporting my new belt in the size 85 feeling like a boss.

Gucci Belt Interlocking G in Black Leather Alternative
Gucci Interlocking G’s.

Final Thoughts on the Gucci Belt Craze

The hardware on the interlocking belt does damage easier than the brass. It isn’t noticeable unless you really inspect it. Overall, I do prefer it over the Marmont, so I highly recommend looking into that style! Especially if you want Gucci, but not the item everyone already owns. It seems to still be underrated at this time. As for my Marmont, I gave it to my mother. She’s still not sure she wants to keep it as she thinks I should get it taken in by Gucci and turned into a waist belt, bless her kind soul. For now, I find lots of entertainment in the simple fact that I helped turn the “everyone and their mother has them” phrase into a reality. 😉

What are your thoughts on the Gucci Marmont belt? Do you still love it? Or do your eyes burn everytime you see those big and bold GG’s? Personally, I say you do you, boo-boo! If it makes you happy, who cares if it’s a common piece! I’m sure you’ll love it just the same, even if some may say that it’s ‘overrated’. I know I certainly love mine. 🙂 Also, if you’re curious about my personal shopping & styling business, check out Dressed By Tess!

Outfit Details!

Gucci Marmont:

Belt: Gucci (here)
Sweater: Lilysilk (here)
Cardigan: Saks Fifth Avenue (similar here)
Jeans: Express (similar here)
Flats: Chanel (here)

Gucci Interlocking G:

Belt: Gucci (here)
Sweater: Express (similar here)
Jeans: Express (similar here)
Shoes: Converse (here)

XO, Tess


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