Review: Jacquemus Le Chiquito

Honestly, I’m pretty sure EVERYONE knows about this little tiny bag. They took over social media like a plague and soon, every influencer and their friends owned the Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag. Most of them were little pops of color to a neutral outfit, or a color blocking piece. No matter the use, they were everywhere. Jacquemus is 100% the reason why tiny bags are in. Chanel, Balenciaga, and even YSL all hopped on the mini bag train. Like with most trends that I start out hating, I ended up craving and bought one. Well…. Two… I had a discount code, guys!

jacquemus le chiquito
Baby Jacq’s – they’re SO prescious!

First Impressions of the Jacquemus Le Chiquito Bag

I always think that everything is SO much cuter when they’re fun sized. I once saw a baby eraser for sale at a department store when I was in middle school and I about lost it. It would be completely useless to me because it was SO small and couldn’t properly erase anything, but oh my gosh I WANTED it. Expresso cups make me giddy and don’t even get me started on baby clothes. Specifically, baby shoes. Like, baby Converse. I’m about to lose it just thinking about it!

Anyways, sidetrack over… When I first saw Le Chiquito, I, naturally, lost all my bearings and loved it! However, it didn’t go past that. I thought it was adorable, but too impractical, especially for the price tag attached to it. I’m pretty sure I could fit two items in there and at the time, I was sporting this Louis Vuitton Graceful PM purse and needless to say, I hauled a ton of stuff around. It just didn’t make sense to me.

I Got Influenced

It’s the truth. I. Got. Influenced. They just looked so charming on everyone I saw and to be fair, I was trying to carry less in my purse (I ended up selling the Louis Vuitton) and was wearing crossbody bags. However, this Jacquemus Le Chiquito purse situation is a big part of why I decided to unfollow most major influencers! I take full responsibility and don’t blame influencers for this, but clearly I don’t have as much self control as I thought… So, here I went on Farfetch and ordered not ONE but TWO mini bags. I got the black and white because I knew a hot pink or orange just wasn’t my style and wouldn’t go with my wardrobe. I planned to return one and keep the other…. Spoiler alert, I still own both… More to come on that later!

Initial Reaction

The black purse did arrive a couple days before the white one (it came from a boutique a couple hours away from me! Yay for sort of shopping locally!) while the other came from Paris. The first thing I noticed was the craftsmanship. I was impressed. These little tiny bags are really well crafted! They’re handmade and you can tell. The quality is top notch, and each one looks a little different. πŸ™‚ The smell of the leather is pretty amazing, too. The strap is okay, but it gets a weird bend if it stays unused in it’s dust bag, but it looks normal when you wear it crossbody. The beauty really is in the little bag. Also, the dust bag is obviously smaller, so bonus points for added cuteness on the tiny bag for my tiny purses! The inside, well… I’ll let you know ALL about that and what fits!

What actually fits in the Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag?

Not a lot… I have a YSL cardholder and even THAT doesn’t fit, and it’s pretty small. I have to take out my cards and just stick them in the bag. It’s a snug fit, so at-least I know they aren’t going anywhere. I do carry 3-4 cards on me, so it’s not a lot! I own a Mini Cooper and they have quite the chunky circlular key fob. Well, that fits along with my house key… I then literally squeeze my face mask in, and that’s it! With those few items, I struggle to close the clasp. If you’re someone who tends to carry a lot with them, you’re going to hate it! I don’t carry much anymore and I do struggle with it and really think about where I’m going before I wear it. If you don’t plan on driving, you can perhaps substitute a car fob for a mini and I mean MINI hand sanitizer… Maybe.

Final thoughts

There is no denying that it’s a well crafted bag. This is also a trendy piece and will probably go out of style in a few years or so, but as we know, trends always come back around. Le Chiquito is great if you’re more on the minimalist side, but you still require a bag to carry a few items around and you want to be stylish about it. I think it would also be great for a night out when we are allowed to go out again!

Personally, I regret buying both baby Jacqs. I plan on selling the black one because right now, it’s only used for photo shoots and stays in it’s tiny bag the rest of the time. I like the white one, but I really think it’s mainly because I didn’t own a white purse after selling my Louis and I missed the color! Selling it isn’t in the plans, especially because I actually do use it to run errands. It really is a great bag for social media photos, but in real life, it’s impractical and barely holds anything. Oh, and it’s as CUTE as a button and looks great on my shelf. πŸ˜‰

jacquemus le chiquito mini bag

Are you guys a fan of the Jacquemus Le Chiquito?

Le Chiquito

White Le Chiquito: My Theresa (here)
Black Le Chiquito: LuisaViaRoma (here)

Also, if you want to see the black baby Jacq in action, check out my welcome post where I’m wearing it on the bottom photo! πŸ™‚ Finally, if you’re curious about my personal shopping & styling business, check out Dressed By Tess!

XO, Tess


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