How I Style Monochrome Outfits

I love me some a good monochrome outfit. To me, a monochrome look is straight up class. When I see a woman (or man!) walking down the street in all white, or dare I say, a bold look like all red, I am LIVING for it. Living I tell you! I used to be so scared of all one color looks, especially all black. I was scared it would look a little too “goth” or a little “too much”. After I finally tried it, I became obsessed. It’s such an easy way to look chic and expensive. And let’s be honest here, who doesn’t love to look chic and expensive at times?! It’s basically my daily aspiration, unless, you know, I’m in lockdown, in which case leggings and old sweatshirts take over. But I digress- back to monochrome outfits!

The Classic Black Look

classic monochrome style with gold
Instead of doing a traditional black look, I wanted to make it more fun and unexpected with some gold! I feel like black monochrome is pretty common now-a-days, so I added a twist!

Black is always my go-to monochrome look. I’m a firm believer that black is always the new black. If I see a cute colored top at the store, my first thought is “Does it come in black?”, or ‘I like my clothes as black as my coffee’. You get the point! It’s my favorite color and I find it so flattering on everyone. Also, who said you can’t wear skirts during the winter?! Throw a cashmere turtleneck on, some heeled booties, tights (get some that are thick if it’s chillier!), throw on a black wool or puffer coat, and you’re golden! Okay, maybe not in Canada during winter, but you get my point. This outfit is full of different textures and a more “non-traditional” way of styling a skirt (I don’t include IG fashion in this statement!), so it’s quite fun to look at in my opinion. Plus, it’s super comfy.

White Monochrome Outfit Dreams

monochrome look white luxury style

This is quite the ballsy look. I feel like whenever I wear white, tomato sauce somehow finds it’s way on me… Even if I had a salad for lunch. I swear tomato sauce will end up staining my clothes! However, it’s such a classic and aesthetically pleasing look that I am willing to risk the tomato sauce mishaps. Do it for the Gram, do it for the Blog, do it for youself! I love that this includes white denim instead of a trouser which helps break up the textures a bit and make the whole look more interesting. Also shout-out to baby Jacq (Jacquemus Chiquito purse) who’s killing these photos! I love that miniscule, impractical, but adorable little bag. I have a whole post reviewing it if you’re interested here!

The Best Of My Monochromatic Outfits!

streetstyle fashion

I now give you… Drumroll please… a fierce crimson/wine LOOK. This is definetely out of my comfort zone of neutral colors, but I am a bit obsessed. She didn’t come to play. She doesn’t follow rules, she MAKES them. People move out of the way on the street for her, and not just because the bold colors can be seen from a mile away! Truly iconic. All jokes aside, I really do love this look because it’s not typical. While it is all in the same shade range, the blazer and the shoes really are more “out there” and push the boundaries of traditional monochrome looks that tend to be more muted. Plus, the suede of the purse and the shoes with the cashmere sweater truly adds a level of depth which help makes this look so fun!

Monochrome Outfits Details:

Black Look:

Sweater: Lilysilk (here)
Skirt: Pinko (here)
Belt: Mango (similar here)
Booties: Topshop (here)
Necklace: APM Monaco (here)

White Look:

Top: Zara (here)
Blazer: Express (similar here)
Jeans: Express (similar here)
Sneakers: Versace (here)
Necklace: APM Monaco (here)
Purse: Jacquemus (here)

Crimson Look:

Sweater: Lilysilk (here)
Blazer: Mango (here)
Trousers: Express (same style, different color here)
Heels: Valentino (similar here)
Necklace: AV Bijoux (here)
Purse: Chloé (here)

What is your favorite color for a monochromatic look? Are you a fan? Or do you prefer to have different colors in an outfit instead of just sticking to the one shade range?

Make sure to check out my Once Upon A Time In Paris… Sort Of post for some Parisienne chic styling ideas! Plus, there is a little monochrome moment in there, too. 😉

XO, Tess


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